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Alpha Nano Tech LLC is a trusted leader in exosome (EVs), nanoparticle and nanomedicine research and development. Our company serves as an Expertise and Technology Center to provide comprehensive assessment of novel nanoparticle-based products. Our Company upholds scientific rigor, standardization, and quality control as we provide expertise using the most advanced analytical techniques.  


Alpha Nano Tech LLC is a first-hand CRO developer to leading producers of analytical instrumentation and kits for specific applications in nanomedicines. 


Our comprehensive knowledge and client dedication allows us to provide the best possible CRO services to end-users including over 300 customers worldwide, leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, universities and government agencies. No matter what the company size, we are glad to assist with design and execution of research projects of any complexity.

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Advanced materials analysis requires advanced analytical tools as well as expert operator. Every instrument has its own optimum range and limitations. Understanding instruments capabilities allows choosing most suitable technique or their combination for each specific research task.   

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