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Instruments and Techniques

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nCS1 by Spectradyne

Particles size and Concentration

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Nanosight by Malvern Panalytical

Particles size, concentration, fluorescent label detection

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Quatt Zetaview by Particle Metrix

Particles size, concentration, zeta-potential, fluorescent label detection, immunophenotyping, co-localization

Transmission Electron Microscopy

Size, distribution and structure analysis

Flow Cytometry

CytoFlex by Beckman Coulter

Western Blot

Jess by Protein Simple

Mass Spectrometry

LC-MS/MS analysis by Q Exactive, Thermo

Liquid Chromatography

HPLC analysis by Series 1100/1200, Agilent


RNA/DNA sequencing by NextSeq 1000, Illumina


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance by Inova 500, Varian


X-ray Powder Diffraction by X’Pert PRO System, Panalytical

Gas Chromatography

GC-MS by Exactive GC Tune, Thermo

Filter Mode: Hollow Fiber/ Flat Sheet Cassettes
Recommended Process Volume: 2 mL–10 L 12 mL–15 L
Filter Surface Area: 13 cm2–3700 cm2 100 cm2–5000 cm2
Easy-Load Pump Head: up to 2.3 LPM (600 RPM)
Automatic Backpressure Control
Maximum Weight: 20,000 g


Tangential Flow Filtration by CrosFlo, Spectrum


Dynamic Light Scattering by Zetasizer, Malvern / DynaPro, Wyatt / NanoFlex, Particle Metrix

Laser Diffraction

Laser Diffraction by Mastersizer 3000, Malvern

High Content Confocal

High Content Confocal Imaging by ArrayScan XTI, Thermo

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