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This Product is intended for research purposes only.

Reliable fluorescent EV positive standard:
-        Positive control for CD81, membrane labelling, fluorescence at 555/580 nm
-        Bright and stable, over 60% fluorescent of total particles by Zetaview
-        Cross-platform validated size, concentration and fluorescence (check with our COA for each instrument or technique of interest)
These standards are essential for:
-        Verification of analytical instrument performance to report correct size and concentration
-        Verification of reagents suitability for EVs, regents performance,  antibodies titration, etc.
-        Protocol optimization to ensure maximum labelling efficiency  without impacting the size and centration of EVs
-        Cross-platform suitability and performance comparison
-        Advanced use: spiking experiments to uncover hidden sub-populations of EVs
Suitable for any platform, including Zetaview, Nanosight, NanoFCM, Flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, super-resolution microscopy, Nanoview, ARC and other techniques.

Standard will be shipped with overnight service on dry ice.

CD81-tdTomato EVs standard (0.02 µL)

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