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Multicolor fluorescent NTA

While NTA technique is most commonly used to profile EVs and nanoparticles size, size distribution, and concentration, the fNTA enables a whole new field of research applications:

- fluorescent membrane labeling allows to assess EVs samples purity and sort out membranous vesicles out of the total number of particles in solution

-      biomarkers profiling via fluorescently labeled antibodies is a powerful tool to measure up to 4 different biomarker expression on the same sample, which saves you time and precious material

-      RNA/DNA labeling for a perspective class of novel nano-formulations inspired by Moderna’s mRNA vaccine

-      drug loading efficiency to validate the number of cargo-carrying particles

-      drug release kinetics of the fluorescently labeled drug out of nanoparticles

The fNTA technique combines the abilities of NTA, flow cytometry, and fluorescent microscopy with the advantage of nano-scale real-time analysis.

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