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Quality Assurance: Nanosight Report Red Flags

Growing popularity of the Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) and increasing number of service companies and academia core facilities offering Nanosight sample analysis led to a sad conclusion: there are not that many reliable sources and it is not that rare when instrument is misused.

Here are 7 RED FLAGS to include in your reported data check list:

1. At least two files should be reported for each analysis: xls with experiment summary and pdf report summary.

2. Solvent and diluent purity check is reported.

3. Instrument performance is validated by measuring at least one standard with a known size and concentration prior to sample analysis, and the same (or close) camera level and detection threshold are used for the sample analysis.

4. At least 3 replicates of 30 seconds analysis are done for each sample.

5. Sample analysis is based on at least 500 valid tracks.

6. Reported concentration is in the range of 10^7-10^9 particles/mL

7. FILENAME.xls experiment summary state that NO or minor "noise".


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