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High Content Confocal

High Content Confocal Imaging by ArrayScan XTI, Thermo

High Content Confocal

High Content Analysis (HCA), also known as High Content Screening (HCS), image cytometry, quantitative cell analysis or automated cell analysis, is an automated method for biochemical and physiological analysis using image-based morphometric and phenotypic analysis. HCA combines fluorescent microscopy, automated object, and bioinformatics to provide comprehensive physiological and pharmacological characterization used for basic biological research and drug discovery campaigns.

HCA can address subcellular, cellular and organoid-level measurements, and automated multiparametric analysis captures complex physiological events using intact, fixed or live cells. HCS Studio™ Cell Analysis Software is the engine behind Thermo Scientific High Content Products and features 30+ one-click assays that provide reliable and robust analytics used to answer complex biological questions.

Alpha Nano Tech offers expertise in biological assay development and image analysis to quickly and efficiently move your discovery and characterization efforts forward. Fluourescent EVs marked with fluorescent protein, membrane dyes, or targeting antibodies allow Alpha Nano Tech to provide comprehensive characterization with vesicle transport assays, biological activity assays, and delivery assays. Multiplexing labeled EVs with fluorescent cellular markers (see partial list below) allows high resolution investigation of EV function.

Proliferation Assays: EdU incorporation, Brightfiled cell counting, CellTrace Fluorescence
Validation Assays: Calcein AM, Live/Dead stain, Apoptosis
EV Uptake and Tracking: Cellular accumulation, Membrane localization, Nuclear targeting
Mitochondrial Assays: Membrane potential, ROS production, Cytochrome C

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